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Preventing the flu through homeopathy

It is uncommon to state the following facts:
We are in a period where the classical health system, based on chemical analysis, is often revealed as ineffective, even dangerous with respect to quite a number of issues(articles, studies showing that are in abundance; one only has to look for them and to become informed).  I do not refute the whole system – it is simply in the process of showing its severe limitations.

   Various public and private organizations develop a powerful force for influencing or preventing people being vaccinated against the flu.

Therefore, those people who are seeking to stabilize their body, increase the equilibrium of their health, reinforce their capacity for self- healing, should seek natural medicine.

1) Homeopaths, of whom I am one, trained in finding a personal remedy, understand the profound healing action of each individual person remedy.
 This remedy is not given systematically to people who show 3 symptoms that are characteristic of an illness.  In fact, one looks after the person, not the disease.

It is a question of individualization through thorough research, taking into account the medical history of the person, his/her physical symptoms, his/her behaviour, his/her character (to know more, do not hesitate to ask for an extract of my book: “ Understanding  Homepathy”.  It is free).

When a person’s remedy is known, the homeopath will use it in situations as varied as for a flu, a throat infection, a depression, etc.

Therefore, the best flu prevention through homeopathy is to use the homeopathic remedy that corresponds to the individual (person).
To those who are interested, I am available for consultation to determine their homeopathic remedy.  This consultation is done in person or by distance.  To know more, click on Distance homeopathic consultation or in montreal, quebec, rimouski.“To find out how distance consultation works, click on “Mes services « (waiting to be traduce)

2. Physical immunity is the most marvelous tool with which the body has been endowed –  it is the one that puts the body and its defenses back into the harmony of the delicate passages of life, such as a weakened moral or physical state.


The first thing to do when confronted with a possible illness is to believe in one’s  own immunity.  It is well known that not all children get sick when the flu hits a school.  It is the same in an office.  Why?  The dividing line is between those who have a weak and strong immune system.

3.  Did you know that the intestine is the principal environment for immunity?   From this point of view it is very easy to eliminate excess toxins.  There are simple and effective (ex, grape cure, applesauce cure, etc).
The common thread in all these solutions is to have faith in nature (and not to go against it or after it).
I wish you the best of luck in making  your decisions.

Pierre Marie

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  1. menshealth

    Samuel Hahnemann initially put forward the idea of homeopathy as an alternative to “allopathy” .The great thing about trying homeopathic treatment options is that they are safe and natural. You can also use them in conjunction with conventional medications without noticing any unwanted side effects.”I have trust on Homeopathy! It is very helpful for any Disease. It is very slow but whatever it will do for forever!

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