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Treating asthma through homeopathy

Asthma is very successfully treated through Homeopathy on the condition that one takes into account the whole person.

Asthma often manifests itself with complications or specificities such as seasons, allergies to fur, exertion….etc.

Treating asthma through Homeopathy is done in a global manner. The Homeopath will ask questions relating to the circumstances of the first attack, the exact circumstances the asthma happens, in which circumstances it is accentuated, whether there is a particular time of day it happens, the timing of these attacks.  In fact, all the circumstances that are rare, bizarre, curious regarding the symptoms.

Not only will the Homeopath make enquiries about the symptoms of the asthma attacks, s/he will dig deeper into the subject’s medical history by going as far back as birth.

Understandably, this therapy does not adhere to “symptoms”, but will take into consideration the “photograph” of the whole person. It is thanks to that picture that s/he will give you a remedy that will react on your whole being et not simply on isolated symptoms….

I have treated asthmatics on several occasions, and I have never given the same remedy; it ensues from the globality of the method.

To learn more about this subject, do not hesitate to ask for an excerpt from my book of 25 pages, “ Comprendre l’homeopathie”.  There is no cost.  Do yourself a favour….

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