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Psychological difficulties and homeopathy

Life has put aside difficult moments for all of us: unhappy times, love affairs, separations, death and mourning. They are all there; without having asked for them.  It is necessary to bring peace those moments, to find calm, peace and the return of good feeling.

These difficult moments usually last a short time, and are a part of our existence: depression, distress, emotional illness, ageing, fear, anxiety.

Homeopathic treatment is adapted for the quieting down of the person, to calm his/her anxiety, to reduce his/her symptoms of disequilibrium, to bring him/her physical and interior harmony.  The homeopathic experience can be very successful in a number of situations, of which the following are some examples:

1. The appearance of an illness or an important event is often difficult.  A person often finds him/herself in a situation of perceiving his/her existence in a new way.
2. He/she has to face the situation, but in this “difficult passage” s/he could also be reliving past behaviour, such as being afraid of what might happen, and thereby coming into contact with a feeling of abandonment previously encountered in childhood.  There are feelings/demonstrations of aggressivity.  As a child s/he was perhaps  not given enough support, and this feeling has resurfaced.
3. In this situation, a person looks for the strength to renew him/herself to bring about a sort of interior cleansing, and on this road, s/he may go through different feelings: anxiety, restlessness, incapable of finding his/her place in the community, in the family environmentThere are many fears, s/he can be very impulsive. Another reaction will be to consider his/her behaviour in a very self-satisfying fashion.
4. Fears become apparent, and are diverse.  For some people, this could become actual phobia.
5. On the physical level, s/he notices considerable weakness:  there is a lack of strength, the organs appear to have slowed down, but the behaviour has also slowed down; one or more paralyses develop progressively, this paralysis affects the character, one does not want to make any changes at any cost. Incontinence may result.  There is a feeling of insufficient support from family, from the health profession.

In the above examples, I have presented some situations that develop and for which experience has shown us that it is possible to help and really relieve the person during this difficult time.

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