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Distance homeopathic consultation or in Montreal, Quebec,

Distance homeopathic consultation or in Montreal, Dorval, Lasalle, Quebec,

How does a consultation work?

There are two kinds of consultations:
– Consultations for acute problems, such as the fever of an infection, or serious inflammation with a burning sensation that needs rapid healing.
– Consultations for chronic problems with long lasting, complex symptoms.

In both cases the Homeopath will look for rare, strange, curious physical and behavioural symptoms, and whether the problem is of known origin.

The consultation for an acute condition is quite short and simple.

For chronic cases, it is necessary to dig deeper, which requires a lot of precision, knowledge, and, at times, a fair bit of patience. We cannot always unravel in 2 months that which has existed for 20 or 30 years.

Distance consultation does not differ from personal consultation as far as method is concerned. It is necessary to describe with precision what the eye cannot see. A photograph of the person is helpful; it would give an idea of the patient’s appearance, his/her expression.

The conditions for success in Homeopathy are the precision and the originality of the symptoms.  You can learn more about this subject by reading the excerpts from my book “Comprendre l’Homeopathie” which is offered when you subscribe to the site to receive information.  (No worries – I do not sell addresses, inundate you with e-mails, and you
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