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treatment of ulcerous colitis through homeopathy

Treatment of ulcerous colitis through homeopathy

I have had several occasions to give Homeopathic treatment to adults suffering from ulcerous colitis.

The symptoms are often very distinct and very specific: bleeding, divided stools, various other emotional symptoms….

The common thread in all these people was the psychological or emotional suffering that resulted in intestinal problems.

In fact, intestinal concerns reflect the essence of the person.

The Homeopath does not assume the role of a psychologist, but will take this dimension into consideration, as well the emotional discord a person has encountered since adolescence or infancy.

It is this taking into account of the global aspect that has allowed me to be successful in treating these people through Homeopathy,
The successful results were obtained quite quickly, whereas previously nothing had been found to solve the problem.  Unfortunately, these people often found themselves in a position of being incapable of continuing to work.

Homeopathy is the princely path for these treatments.  However, a Homeopath needs to pay particular attention to his/her research, the precision in consultations, and in the description of the symptomsWhen these conditions are met, distance consultation can be done very effectively.

If you would like to be better informed about this approach and its success, read the 25 pages of the excerpt of my book “Comprendre l’Homeopathie”.  It is available: simply subscribe to the website “ and you will automatically receive information.

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